Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Whats Cooking

Trying to make some dishes ahead of time so I can get back to my  Health Coach studying and dreaded year end paper work.
I like to cook in the morning, so this morning I started a pot of Vegetable Stock to use for the week. Today I will be making  Curried Roasted Butternut/Sweet potato soup with some of the stock, and some Baked (Fried) Breaded Eggplant.
Did you notice that Eggplant is hard to come by this winter? It's because of the crop failures in Mexico. I make Eggplant for my husband Tom because it is one of those foods he can't live without.  I prefer to eat Eggplant only at the end of the summer when it is in season on the East coast.


  1. My mom hates eggplant and therefore I don't ever by it for my family. Do you find that parents pass on their tastes. likes and dislikes to their kids?

  2. Hi Nora,

    Yes, parents surely pass on their tastes, or traditions. Often times parents feed their children foods they grew up with. For example in Italian families, it is common to eat pasta on Sundays. But that does not mean that children are going to like all the foods they had growing up once they are adults!